by Meagan Chandler

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After over a decade of wandering the globe, performing the musical styles of many cultures, and studying the rich wisdom of the human body, Meagan Chandler offers her first original album, “Sensual”. This playful, dark, magical music for shape shifters blends many musical styles, from dub, hip hop and electronic to exotic Mediterranean flavors and beyond, into an experimental pop journey that explores archetypal relationships and the vast terrain of the senses.

"May we all excavate our unique gifts and find the strength and inspiration to deliver them to this wild, beautiful world." -Meagan


released May 11, 2013

Compositions by Meagan Chandler and the New Mexico desert
Produced by Jeremy Bleich

Meagan Chandler (vocals)
Jeremy Bleich (bass, piano, MicroKorg XL, Casio cz-101, percussion, drum programming, guitar, tenor guitar, oud, string arrangements)
Paul "Feathericci" Groetzinger (drums)
Milton Villarrubia III (drums)
Derick Disterhoft (electronic rhythm)
John Rangel (piano, music box)
Sitara Schauer (violin)
Scott Barkan (lap steel and guitar)
Carla Kountoupes (violin)
Shanti Randall (viola)
JQ Whitcomb (trumpet, flugel horn)
Joaquin Gallegos (Flamenco guitar)

Recorded in Santa Fe, NM, at Kabby Sound by Matthew "Kabby" Kabakoff
And at Grasshopper Music by Jeremy Bleich
And at Studio Rangel by John Rangel
Mixed by Jeremy Bleich and Meagan Chandler
Mastered by Andrew Click Productions
Photography by Kate Russell and Robert Holmes
Graphic Design by Jasmine Quinsier

Executive producers: Meagan Chandler, R.M. Mehring, Golden Bridge
This album is funded in part by!



all rights reserved


Meagan Chandler Santa Fe, New Mexico

Meagan Chandler is a performance art alchemist and expressive arts educator. Her lyrics and singing are sultry, provocative, and real, invoking playfulness, intimacy, depth and sweet darkness. A broad array of musical styles from all across the world comprise the pallet with which she paints her passionate aural spells. ... more

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Track Name: Eve's Song
Eve's Song

Bathed in starlight
Life giving waters
Naked Eden
Almost touching

There's a cobra in my womb
Curled around my spine
Power enough to take this world apart
Power enough to build it anew

You see, I am Eve
It's built into every cell
Spiral codes, genetic building blocks
Form my map since she fell.
Eden is a memory and Eden is a moment fully alive
Eden is at my fingertips, but I must battle
I must struggle with that dive into temptation
Oh Longing

And the morning finds Adam my companion
All serpents and apples are forgotten
There is only meadow, stream, mint and sky
Music stone and sun
And now it's torture to be born on the other side of that temptation
Gift of the body, Curse of the body's longing

Y Adam brilla oro como el sol
Hermano del rio somos juntos en el ritmo
Me llenas, me llenas con tu luz
Hechito como eres de agua y viento
Twin soul - compañero de mi alma
El tiene estilo y sabiduria de mundo
Cuida el cuerpo y habla con su Corazon
No tiene miedo del mundo espiritual
Y sabe como volar y flow - agua y viento

Tumble back to the ordinary after ecstasy
For I have tasted Eden and then had to let it go
Track Name: Jacob's Ladder
Jacob's Ladder

I get you mixed up inside me when I get hit by your arrows
When you unwittingly sing to me in your car
And show me the deepest melodies written in your soul
And even though you don’t know it,
You’ve gently disrobed my heart
And left me there naked
And then you are surprised when you see my tears

How do I explain to you (What a funny game)
That you are father, lover, brother and friend
All tangled up inside me?
A little girl’s string too full of knots
A Jacob’s ladder too complex to unravel

And sometimes I am desperate just to feel you
Some part of me ready to melt
If you will just look into my eyes
If you will just fold me in your embrace
And smile a little of your heart into me
And whisper to me what hurt you
And whisper to me why you love me

And there are times when I’m desperate for your approval
And times I just want you to see me, to hear me
And there are times I want you to just take me now
And times I wish you wouldn’t take me so seriously
And there are times when I feel obliged to listen
And times when I wish that you would speak
And there are times that I flinch at your pain and your cold
And there are times in your rage that I scream with relief.
Track Name: Persephone

You’re a hazy figure in the core of me
Chasing me since birth through story
I know you carry no bow and arrow
This soul was made for the underworld

And I choose to eat these pomegranate seeds
And I choose to pick the apple from this tree
Never was afraid of the dark
Never was afraid to let go

Too perfect to be more than inspiration
What real man could ever live up to that expectation?
You woo me with your betrayal
And slay me with your redemption

I feel you guard me, my dark angel smiling
I feel you guide me, my pleasure and my pain
Searching for my place in this world
I follow you in deeper to my soul…

I am a maiden sunbeamIn love with the night
Shot from the house of daylightI bounce off the moon
To dance in ecstasy
Across the face of this dark earth
Track Name: Lost Boys
Lost Boys

Oh, Lost boys
Bring me to your leader
I would have words with him
Hoo! Deepest apologies
You thought I was some kinda Tinkerbell

And this party is a NeverlandOccasional maiden in distress
And Captain Hook is a misunderstood savior
Lost under the couch with memories of a father
Lost in the ways you figured you failed

Lost boy
When she left cause you wouldn’t give her a ring
When she left and took the kids
When you only see them on the weekends
When you work every day empty inside
Lost boy
When you run back to your herb
When you play at being a rock star
When you gamble the night away
All those half finished projects and debts unpaid

Lost boys
Bring me to your leader
I would have words with him
Hoo! Don’t you shoot this Wendy-bird down out of the sky
It’s an honour to meet the boy king himself
Throbbing with longing on his fortieth birthday
And I cry when I recognize your desire to die
And the herb and your mind and the road and your kind have failed you
In search of a crown
Round and around and around and around

Lost boy
I still love you
But might have to leave you
Lost boy
Don'tcha shoot this Wendy-bird down
Tick tock my clock is tickin’
Soul of a women created below
To beg and pull you to the other side
To cry for you
Yes I still love you
Track Name: Morning Rain
Morning Rain
(For Yves)

Morning rain
My heart falls gently open
I turn my face to a day that is cloudy and gray
And so, so soft

There's a place in between the waking and the dream
The day and the night
The play and fight
Soft morning rain

Sometime in fierce torrents
Whip the pavement clean
Shut down the tin roof city scene
How much rain can I take?
How much rain till it makes me fall...

In the sway and the grip of this moment
Let the rain in my eyes meet the sweat of the skies on my skin
There's a place in between the waking and the dream
The day and the night
The play and fight
Soft morning rain
Track Name: Merciless Flowers
Merciless Flowers

Hiding in my bath tub
Holding a flame in the palm of my hand
I struggle to capture
Exactly what I want to give

And even in the midst of my fierce agitation
The merciless flowers coax me into laughing.

Let the water drain away
Wash away all that's been
And close the doors that no longer matter
And open the ones within

I feel the hunger
Fierce and persistent
Driven and agitated by the distance
I have yet to go
Before the round completes
And I feel so vulnerable
Like nails on a chalk board
Track Name: Daphne

Core of the apple carries the seed
Medicine comes when the heart's made to bleed
Sensual sanity, call of my cells
Ancestors made of heaven and hell

I dreamed that flowers poured from my mouth
And my tears were potent seeds
My feet sprouted roots
After all my bipedal wandering
And my arms and fingers branched skyward in prayer
My blood ran thick, amber gold
From a hole in my heart
And from my womb a whole forest grew
And the sun and rain kissed me often
And the wind rocked me to sleep
Track Name: Sensual

(I taste you world)
Salty sea and tears on my lips
And bitter sweet chocolate chips
The grip of fearful bile
Soothed by a honey sweet smile
And the gritty dust of the desert wind
That washes out my mouth when I try to defend
The taste of wine on your lips and mine
Any more than the breath of morning haste
And the aftertaste of toothpaste
I taste you, world

I see you, world
Can you feel my gaze devour
Your wild sunsets as they flower
And caress your curves
In the grain of the wood
Before your timid shadows
Over my eyes cast a hood?
But when the morning boldly sparks her light on the dew
The gold pierces my soul and I return with sleepy eyes to haunt you
Curve of a brow
Iridescence on a feather
Even if your shattered rainbows blinded me
We'd still be together

(I feel you world)
I breathe you, world
Shock me out of my self-forged chains
With your Lilacs and Orange blossoms
Embrace me
Faint soap on salty skin

My cheek cries out for the icy kiss of the wind
Ankles startled by the elusive flicker of feline legend
A tendril of steam that curls up the spine
And melts my shoulders as if to remind me
Of the blood searing rhythm in the arms of the divine
From the silky sweet heat of your skin against mine

I'm listening, world
Laughter of chimes in a ticklish wind
That urge me like a reed in the breeze to bend
And give in to the throbbing base line
And let the rhythm guide my spine
The singing of the waves making love to the beach
The bubble of Babylon are mirrors that teach that
Every sound is a voice
That insists with merciless persistence
There's always a choice
Murmur of breath and heart beat lend the world its shape
All the radical movements of the symphony that dance the living landscape

I breathe you, world
Tie me to the bed post
Carrion breath
And make sweet love to me
Damp earth
And fresh backed apple pie
Track Name: Wild Queen
Wild Queen

Weave your hand into my hair
Command me to my knees
Bind me, mark my skin
And gladly I will consent

And you, my cold scientist
My enraged lost hero
From here on my knees before you
I will serve you as no other leader ever has

Walk with me in these sweet wicked places
I assure you you've never seen likes of me before
Walk with me in these sweet wicked places
And as the mask falls away
You'll at last know your place
In sacred service to a Wild Queen
Now kiss me.

I offer you my tears
The poetry of my suffering
The song of my pleasure
And the illusion of control

I see your heart melt into my hands
As I embrace this pain
And with my black magic golden alchemy
Transform it into ecstasy
And in this way
As I surrender my will to you
It will soon become unclear
Who is serving who

For power taken will fall
And power given with love will endure
Track Name: Old Soul
Old Soul
(for Ben)

I'll never forget the night you said to me
"I don't want to be presumptuous
But would you like to play with me?"
And here we are just a few nights later
And you offer me your arm
Just like a true gentleman
And just like a new old fairy tale
You've concerned yourself with what it means to be man.

And your old soul courts mine
And your rough hand finds mine
And the truths we lay upon the table between us
Are raw and thorough

Too soon the hours have slipped away
And you're walking me back to my car
And I could easily drift away
Into the night and hide
But you reach for me
Your tender hands
On my cheeks
Leaning in

And all the pain of past love affairs comes crashing
And all the hurt I don't wanna feel again comes screaming
I'm hesitating
And you're waiting
And my heart is daring me to try

And your old soul courts mine
And your sweet lips find mine
And a new electric fire is burning in my veins
And nothing will ever be the same again.
Track Name: Rewrite
My mind is in a rage, a sort of self forged cage
That’s looking for a useful message
I’m longing for touch, longing to be held
Wanting it so much, trying to meld
My realities together
To stay light as a feather on my feet
To stay in the beat
And not compete when it’s not necessary
I throw down the gauntlet at the feet of my attachment and
Write it like a sonnet that works like bullet
And blows my shit away
Knowing it will really pay to say out loud...

Hey ah ah It's my way to play and
Hey ah I strive to thrive and
Hey ah ah living wide alive
This lovely life

Ditch past junk, tap into the funky baseline
Whose heart beats just like mine
As the words pour through
I see me in you
And own what’s mine
So we can define the meaning of real love

And leave behind all this finger pointing
Head anointing self appointing hypocrisy
And embrace the truth, this body like a sleuth
Holds secrets to hope, a million ways to cope
And find the forward movement, a divine groove sent
To give us a shot at living true beauty
Shit, it’s our duty to strive...

It’s just a matter of time till I realign
Break out of my prison, step into the rhythm
Surrender to float on the musical notes
And dote on the gods and goddesses of music
And use it to spread this passion
To spread self reflection
On the wings of a my affection
Takes us spiraling above up into the stars
To reclaim the sanity that’s ours and
Stream it back to the earth as we give birth
To a whole new paradigm

Why die for a cause if I can live my life to rewrite my own laws?
‘Cause every time I move from craving to grasping
I dig myself a grave that I can’t last in
Gotta learn to practice what I preach
So I can gain the self respect to teach
And serve this world in both word and deed
By learning what it is I need to thrive
Wide alive...
Track Name: hidden track (Daphne Reprise/Desert Lullaby)
I dreamed that flowers poured from my mouth
And my tears were potent seeds
My feet sprouted roots
After all my bipedal wandering
And my arms and fingers branched skyward in prayer
My blood ran thick, amber gold
From a hole in my heart
And from my womb a whole forest grew
And the sun and rain kissed me often
And the wind rocked me to sleep